5 Best Safety Equipment Companies to Look for in UAE

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Workplace hazards are quite common especially in the construction,Guest Posting mining and building industry. To avoid such accidents to happen, employers can implement the policy of permitting their workers use safety clothing and equipment before allowing them to visit the work site. Safety equipment is available in many retail stores that maintain the inventory of several personal safety equipment and tools from some of the leading manufacturing firms in the UAE. To find the list of companies that offer the best safety equipment, DCCIInfo directory is the best resource to find the information. The directory has a list of some of the best safety equipment manufacturers and retailers in the region. Safety equipment and accessories used by the workers in the industrial workplace include safety hat, safety gloves, safety jacket, safety coat, safety clothing, first aid kit, safety equipment and others. There are huge benefits and advantages of using the safety equipment. Wearing a safety equipment helps in protecting the body from exposure to chemicals, fire and other harmful hazards at work. Safety of workers is a major concern not only for the employees who are exposed to occupational hazards but also the employers who are responsible to ensure the safety of their employees. Other than safety apparel and basic safety accessories, there are many more safety products available that can be used for fully protecting your body properly to avoid any kind of exposure to hazards. Below you can find some of the leading safety equipment companies in the UAE:

Al Bahri Hardware & Safety Equipment LLC

One of the best safety equipment suppliers in the UAE market, Al Bahri Hardware
& Safety Equipment is an international firm offering high quality products
designed to ensure human safety delivered at the best possible rates. Their proven
track record of offering the most comprehensive solution of personal protective
equipment protects the workers from various life-threatening hazards such as
exposure to harmful gases, chemical splashes, pathogens, debris, radiation, cold,
heat, fire and others. Their manufactured products are widely used at the
construction sites, onboard heavy vessels, hospitals, factories, fire stations, farms
and others. Al Bahri has more than 8000 customers globally and supplies over
4000 products that include all kinds of safety equipment and tools. It has a
warehouse of more than 35000 square feet space with the products being shipped
to over 200 countries all over the world.


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